New Poems

[Flesh-plastique],” The West Review.

[Elegy for My Uncle] or [Oubliette: craniosynostosis],” [Elegy for My Uncle with Dime Store Turtle and a Scrawl of Desire],” and “[Elegy for My Uncle with a Childhood in it],” On the Seawall.

“[Haiku with a Filing Cabinet Drawer in it and an Attempt to Fly],” West Trade Review, forthcoming.

[Zoetrope with Particulates in it and a Newborn],” Abandon Journal.

“[Pastoral] [W/ a Bee Sting in it & the City of Florence],” The Cincinatti Review, forthcoming.

“[Self Portrait at 45 RPMs],” Witness, forthcoming.

“[My Coyote Death] [with a Full Moon in It] [and a Haunting],” [Not Fade Away] or [Self-portrait in Vantablack with Anish Kapoor]” and “[Toast with Honey and Cold War on It],” Leon Literary Review, forthcoming.

“[mosaic][Late Stage Capitalism] [With Cap’n Crunch],” RHINO, forthcoming.