schema geometrica

schema geometrica is available from Green Linden Press.

Book is now in its second printing with a QR code on the cover that will take you to the album of poems set to music by composer Tom Larter.

Dennis Hinrichsen is the winner of the inaugural Wishing Jewel Prize. Named for an innovative essay in Anne Carson’s Plainwater, the prize is awarded for a manuscript that challenges our notions of what poems can do and what a book can be. schema geometrica, Hinrichsen’s ninth full-length collection is nothing short of visionary. It juxtaposes quasi-sonnets and erasures with illustrations by Marnie Galloway, a Chicago-area cartoonist and illustrator, and Julian Van Dyke, a Lansing-area muralist, painter, and children’s book author.

Praise for schema geometrica

Some of us are content to rearrange the furniture. Dennis Hinrichsen has dismantled the walls, attached a wheelbase to the flooring, and reconfigured the power lines. And wait, I think he has levitated the shrubbery too. But fear not. Page by page and image by image, he leads us through the time- and memory-altering adventure that is schema geometrica. The poems are wild and rigorous at once, joyful and irreverent, abundant with intellect, and sometimes, yes, driven by rage at the wreckage we have made around us. This is not a comfortable couch of a lyric vision. This is lyric determined to imagine a future, and I admire it deeply.

—Linda Gregerson

schema geometrica is a “box of light” whittled from a life marred by darkness. Biblical ekphrasis & Daft Punk, Godzilla & gonorrhea, an extinct paddlefish & an Instagram model’s bodily brand of philanthropy—there are no subjects Dennis Hinrichsen can’t juxtapose & wield like a gilded mirror to orient the self in this confounding era. Lyrically dexterous, formally inventive, & humming with vulnerable surprise, schema geometrica is the work of a master poet.

—Marcus Wicker

schema excerpts

[Poem that Ends Up on its Knees in China in a Pair of Levi’s],” Under a Warm Green Linden

[What is the Wooly Bully & Will It Come Again],” “[schema geometrica] [w/John Keats’ Death Mask & a Pyramid & a Cat],” and “[Box of Light with Early A-bomb Test] or [Portrait of My Kaiju Birth as Directed by Ishiro Honda]“, Under A Warm Green Linden